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Achievements are in-game goals that will award the player with Dark Crystals and Achievement Points. Gaining enough points will award the player with Gold Nucleus, Proof of Purchase, and Mighty Mushroom.

Completing all the achievements will award #### Dark Crystals

Achievements Categories[edit | edit source]

Category Achievement Sub-Catagories Total Achievements Achievements Points Dark Crystals
Growth Level, Vehicles, Relics, Currency 23
Exploration Ruins, Area
Battle The Monster, Boss, Phantasm, United, Others
Life Plant, Beast, Cooking 82
Missions Aesperia, Others 24
Social Networking Friends, Crew 4 39 60

Achievement Tiers[edit | edit source]

Each achievement grants points that bring player towards higher Achievement tier.

Name Point threshold Image
Wanderer 250 Wanderer
Homesteader 500 Homesteader
Logger 750 Logger.png
Patroller 1000 Patroller.png
Guard Captain 1250 Guard Captain.png
Exploration Elite 1500 Exploration Elite
Survival Master 1750 Survival Master.png
Curator 2000 Curator
Savant 2250 Savant.png
All-Knowing 2600 All-Knowing.png
Omniscient Saint 3000 Omniscient Saint
Omniscient Saint 2 4000 Omniscient Saint 2