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Awakening is the process of giving gifts a Simulacra to increase their Awakening Progress and recieve Recollection Rewards

Recollection Rewards[edit | edit source]

After increasing a Simulacra's Awakening Progress enough, you will recieve rewards in the form of Avatars, Logs (Dialogue trees available as Direct Messages in your Friends menu) or Simulacrum Traits (Passive traits)

Simulacra AP200 AP600 AP1200 AP2000 AP3000 AP4000
Icon Annabella.png
Avatar: Annabella Log: Trait (Annabella: ) Log: Log: Trait (Annabella: )
Icon Bai Ling.png
Bai Ling
Avatar: Bai Ling Log: A Title Trait (Bai Ling: Valor) Log: Bridging Hearts Log: Your True Self Trait (Bai Ling: Resoluteness)
Icon Baiyuekui.png
Avatar: Baiyuekui Log: Trait (Baiyuekui:) Log: Log: Trait (Baiyuekui: )
Icon Claudia HQ.png
Avatar: Claudia Log: Nice to Meet You Trait (Claudia: Blink) Log: A Helpful Soul Log: Promises Trait (Claudia: Shadow)
Icon Cobalt-B HQ.png
Avatar: Cobalt-B Log: Respect Trait (Cobalt-B: Lingering Warmth) Log: Good Partnership Log: Friends and Weapons Trait (Cobalt-B: Sparks)
Icon Cocoritter HQ.png
Avatar: Cocoritter Log: Memories Trait (Cocoritter: Assistance) Log: Obsessions Log: Companionship Trait (Cocoritter: Trust)
Icon Crow HQ.png
Avatar: Crow Log: Friend Identified Trait (Crow: Loner) Log: Optimist Romance Log: Joking Trait (Crow: Silent Night(
Icon Echo HQ.png
Avatar: Echo Log: A Song of the Road Trait (Echo: Uprightness) Log: Why We Fight Log: Quo Vadis Trait (Echo: Determination)
Icon Ene HQ.png
Avatar: Ene Log: Taking Over the Liability Trait (Ene: Fast Mode) Log: A Want for Power Log: Future of Machines Trait (Ene: Beyond Limits Mode)
Icon Frigg HQ.png
Avatar: Angel Frigg Log: Swords and Crossbows Trait (Frigg: Freeze) Log: So-called Justice Log: Not a Demon After All Trait (Frigg: Icebound)
Icon Hilda HQ.png
Avatar: Hilda Log: Salty Sea Breeze Trait (Hilda: Pedal to the Metal) Log: Enjoyable Journey Log: Toward the Future Trait (Hilda: Full-speed Drifting)
Icon Huma HQ.png
Avatar: Huma Log: Acquaintance Trait (Huma: Fortitude) Log: Echo Log: Symphony Trait (Huma: Iron Screen)
Icon King HQ.png
Avatar: KING Log: Eventful Deal Trait (KING: Coldblooded Swipe) Log: Equal Contract Log: A Bet Trait (KING: Fear Reaper)
Icon Lin.png
Avatar: Lin Log: Trait (Lin: ) Log: Log: Trait (Lin: )
Icon Lyra.png
Avatar: Lyra Log: Trait (Lyra: ) Log: Log: Trait (Lyra: )
Icon Marc.png
Avatar: Marc Log: Trait (Marc: ) Log: Log: Trait (Marc: )
Icon Meryl HQ.png
Avatar: Meryl Log: A Cold Conversation Trait (Meryl: Cool Rose) Log: Freezing Days Log: Snow Melting Trait (Meryl: Frosted)
Icon Nemesis HQ.png
Avatar: Nemesis Log: Rebirth and Coexistence Trait (Nemesis: Metamorphosis) Log: Experimental Operations Log: In Front of the Bionic Eye Trait (Nemesis: Sublimation)
Icon Pepper HQ.png
Avatar: Pepper Log: Job List Trait (Pepper: Revival) Log: Not Very Healthy Log: Aberrants' Dream Trait (Pepper: Source)
Icon Ruby HQ.png
Avatar: Ruby Log: Dolly's New Friend Trait (Ruby: Dreamcatcher) Log: The Unknown Log: Post Dream Trait (Ruby: Dolly's Domain)
Icon Saki Fuwa.png
Saki Fuwa
Avatar: Saki Fuwa Log: Special Forces Captain Trait (Saki Fuwa: Fortitude State) Log: Super Flow Log: Saki Trait (Saki Fuwa: Guarding Sword)
Icon Samir HQ.png
Avatar: Samir Log: Dance Alone Trait (Samir: Trickery) Log: Resonance Log: Concerto Trait (Samir: Shadow)
Icon Shiro HQ.png
Avatar: Shiro Log: Passive Partnership Trait (Shiro: Security Alert) Log: Waves of the Sea Log: A Song of Secrets Trait (Shiro: Red Alarm)
Icon Tian Lang.png
Tian Lang
Avatar: Tian Lang Log: Trait (Tian Lang: ) Log: Log: Trait (Tian Lang: )
Icon Tsubasa HQ.png
Avatar: Tsubasa Log: A Natural Warmth Trait (Tsubasa: Rainstorm) Log: Freeze Warning Log: You Know Best Trait (Tsubasa: Raging Waves)
Icon Zero HQ.png
Avatar: Zero Log: A Baffling Conversation Trait (Zero: Accurate Calculation) Log: Rules Log: "Zero" Trait (Zero: Overral Planning)