Bai Ling

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Bai Ling
Bai Ling.png
Weapon Nightingale's Feather
Rarity SR
Role Damage
Element Physical

Gender Female
Height 163cm
Birthday May 8th (Taurus)
Birthplace HT201 Sanctuary
Relatives Unknown
Voice Actors
Japanese 日高里菜 (Rina Hidaka)
Will memories melt and fade like snow?

Senior Executor for Hykros who excelled in the most dangerous missions thanks to outstanding sword-fighting and combat skills. Keeps her distance from everyone and hides her feelings to herself, but that doesn't mean she is emotionless.

Awakening Points[edit source]

Points Reward
200 Avatar: Bai Ling
600 Log: A Title
1200 Trait (Bai Ling: Valor — When Bai Ling puts the Glider or the Wayboard away, increase speed by 8% for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.)
2000 Log: Bridging Hearts
3000 Log: Your Ture Self
4000 Trait (Bai Ling: Resoluteness — When Bai Ling puts the Glider or the Wayboard away, increase speed by 15% for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.)

Gifts[edit source]

Favorites: Decorations Saved Rare items
Gift Snow globe.png Gift Warren fossil.png Gift Void Angel figurine.png Gift Crown token.png Gift Smarty doll.png Gift Limited Peanut figurine.png Gift 3d Hykros puzzle.png
80 80 60 60 60 60 60
Gift Angela ornament.png Gift Silver cookware.png
60 60

Logs[edit source]

Log: A Title
Log: Bridging Hearts
Log: Your Ture Self

Archive[edit source]

Info: Obtain Simulacra

As the current leader of the HT201 Shelter, Bai Ling is in charge of its daily operation and combat command. She only recently took over the leadership, so she still seems a little overwhelmed and flustered when handling her work.

The sudden passing of the previous leader left Bai Ling in shock, and her over-worrying and anxiety-prone personality was also questioned by some Shelter members. She considers leadership a heavy burden, and is often worried about making sure everything runs smoothly.

But she is also considerate, responsible, meticulous, and good at bookkeeping, so at the moment, HT201 Shelter looks like it's in good hands.

File 1: Obtain Simulacra

"A penny saved is twopence clear. A pin a day is a groat a year"

"I need to do my best!"

- Written on the first page of her notebook.

File 2: 200 Awakening Points


File 3: 600 Awakening Points


Voice Lines[edit source]