Black Gold

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Black Gold[edit | edit source]

Black gold icon as seen in the special orders menu

Description:[edit | edit source]

Black gold is a currency related to the gacha system and the weapons store.

How to obtain:[edit | edit source]

Every time a Gold Nucleus is used on the Gold Nucleus Cache the player will be given at least 1 black gold.

In the event that the player draws an SR or SSR and the advancement of that weapon is already at level 7, the player will receive Flame Gold instead of additional gold.

note: Despite the game explicitly telling the player they will receive flame gold, on the Gold Nucleus Cache black gold is awarded instead

  • Drawing a duplicate SR will yield 1 flame gold.
  • Drawing a duplicate SSR will yield 10 flame gold.

If the player has any Flame Gold at the end of a Limited Special Order, the leftover Flame Gold will be converted to Black gold.

Usage:[edit | edit source]

Black gold can be spent in the Weapons Store.

Item Price in Black Gold
SSR weapon 120
SR weapon 35
Weapon battery III 3
Upgrade materials 1

It should be noted that SSR weapons cannot be obtained unless the player already owns at least one copy of the desired weapon.

Not to be confused with the Limited Weapon Store where some weapons can be bought even before the player obtains them.