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Order in which you can access the bounties page.

Bounties are daily tasks you can do to receive a variety of rewards.

  • EXP
  • Gold
  • Password chest chips
  • Gold or black nucleus
  • Weapon augmentation box
  • Elemental ore shard box
  • Weapon batteries
  • Matrix data packs
  • Bounty EXP

Bounties can be selected under the recommended tab in your adventure log.

Bounty types:

Named Target Bounty

Specific Target Bounties, which require you to slay a certain named enemy.

Common Enemy Bounties, which require you to slay a certain number of an enemy type.

Common Enemy Bounty Area

Activity reward:

Completing bounties also gives Bounty EXP which raises your Bounty rank, which is connected to obtaining weekly rewards.

You can claim 5 boxes per week. By doing bounties you raise your rank, leading to higher level bounties in the end.

Reset timers:

Bounties reset daily at 5 am in the morning. (Reference: EU / Omnium Prime)

The activity rewards reset weekly at monday at 5 am.