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Cocoritter Official Pic 2022-8-10.png
Weapon Absolute Zero
Rarity SSR
Role Healer
Element Ice

Gender Female
Height 147cm
Birthday June 1st (Gemini)
Birthplace Hykros
Relatives Unknown (Parents)

Unknown (Sister)

Voice Actors
English Lexi Fontaine
Chinese 胡婷婷 (Hu Tingting)
Japanese 加藤あかり (Akari Kito)
I'm still not good enough... I need more training. I wish to help and heal more people.

Her unconditional trust in everyone is a concern sometimes. But existing with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talent.

Awakening Points[edit source]

Points Reward
200 Avatar: Cocoritter
600 Log: Memories
1200 Trait (Cocoritter: Assistance — When Cocoritter uses a support weapon, increases the healing effects she inflicts on others and receives by 20%.)
2000 Log: Obsessions
3000 Log: Companionship
4000 Trait (Cocoritter: Trust — When Cocoritter uses a support type weapon, the effects of healing and receiving healing are increased by 20%, and when the discharge skills or weapon skills of the support-type weapon are used, the ATK of the friendly armies around you will increase by 15% and lasts for 5 seconds.)

Gifts[edit source]

Favorites: Toys Decorations Rare items
Gift Smarty doll.png Gift Limited Peanut figurine.png Gift Banges specialty.png Gift 3d Hykros puzzle.png Gift Void Angel figurine.png Gift Warren fossil.png
60 60 60 60 60 60

Logs[edit source]

Log: Memories

Cocoritter: Hi! I'm Cocoritter!

Cocoritter: I wanted to say hi to you first, he-he!

  • Player: Hello.

Cocoritter: Oh no! Something's come up, I need to go.

Cocoritter: Talk more later!

Cocoritter: Ah, finally! Time to relax.

  • Player: Busy lately?

Cocoritter: Well, recently I've been helping out at a nearby Shelter.

Cocoritter: Working in healthcare, I got used to being so busy every day.

Cocoritter: Maybe it's just the recent peace. Fewer people are being injured.

Cocoritter: You too! Take good care of yourself.

  • Player: No problem.

Cocoritter: That's a relief.

Log: Obsessions


Log: Companionship


Archive[edit source]

Info: Obtain Simulacra

Being the daughter of a Hykros medical researcher, Cocoritter started showing her talents in the art of healing at a young age, and joined the lab where her parents worked, absorbing as much medical knowledge as possible.

She's been roaming the land, traveling from one shelter to another and treating the injured. She takes this duty very seriously, and considers the experience necessary for becoming a veteran medical staff.

File 1: Obtain Simulacra

To someone who has always lived in Hykros, life on the surface is filled with unpredictable danger, hardships caused by the shortage of just about everything, and loneliness because there is no one to rely on. When Cocoritter mentioned that she wanted to go down to the surface and help the shelters, everyone opposed. Medical staff are not trained in combat, and Cocoritter certainly doesn't look like she can fight. Another staff member thought that Cocoritter should just give up without a fight if she encounters the Hyenas or another gang.

To everyone's surprise, Cocoritter showed off her fighting skills which she learned from her sister. She couldn't take out enemies as fast as Executors could, but she was perfectly capable of defending herself. It also showed her determination to go down and help those at the shelter. To her, the decision means really applying what she has learned to help others, and not just going down to see what's out there.

File 2: 200 Awakening Points


File 3: 600 Awakening Points


File 4: 1200 Awakening Points


Voice Lines[edit source]