Dark Crystal

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One of the currencies redeemable for items in the Store. Contains unstable energy and is sometimes used as a power source.

Dark Crystal as it appears in the game UI.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

  • Achievements
  • Weekly Activity
  • First Purchase Gift for Tanium bundles
  • Exploration Progress

Store[edit | edit source]

Dark Crystals can be exchanged for various items in the Store

Item Name Cost Notes
Proof of Purchase Box 1080(1500) Weekly Limit: 3
Proof Of Purchase.png Proof Of Purchase 150
Special Voucher.png Special Voucher 150
Vitality Solution.png Vitality Solution 50 Daily Limit: 4
10.000 Gold.png Gold 100
Identity Update Card 300
Gold Nucleus.png Gold Nucleus 150
Red Nucleus.png Red Nucleus 150