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Weapons are equipment in Tower of Fantasy that help players deal damage, stun enemies, heal allies or tank damage. Players are able to equip three at a time, switching between them to unleash combos or special attacks.

Weapons are are divided into three levels; R, SR and SSR according to their rarity. SR and SSR weapons need to be drawn through the special pools.

The strength of the weapons can be improved through advancements. Each weapon has four types of skills: general attack skills, dodge skills, main skills, and combination skills. General attack skills are divided into four types of skills: five-stage general attack, stall attack, stall power or general attack with three stalls.

Weapons can be separated into three categories: Damage, Support, Tank.

Weapons also have one assigned element: Physical , Flame, Ice, Volt. (Read more about elements here.)

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Weapons in Tower Of Fantasy have been classified into three levels of rarity, namely:

Type Effect
Rarity R.png These weapons have no advancements, no unique traits
Rarity SR.png These weapons have advancements, no unique traits.
Rarity SSR.png These weapons have advancements, unique traits.

SR and SSR weapons can be advanced six times, and each star has different passive effects.

Both SR and SSR weapons have a corresponding Simulacra associated with them. Obtaining these weapons will also give you one copy of the Simulacra.

Unique Traits[edit | edit source]

Unique traits are something that only SSR weapons have, and as the name says, it is unique to the weapon. They enhance the weapon's unique combat abilities that are visually and mechanically very unique compared to any other weapons in the game.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

There is four ways of improving a weapon: enhancing and augmenting, advancing and affixing matrices.

To enhance a weapon, you need weapon batteries and gold. Experience needed for enhancing depends on weapon level.

You can only enhance weapon to its cap. To increase this cap, you need to augment the weapon. It requires specific resources ores (Firecore, Icecore, Magcore and Rockcore for fire, ice, thunder and physical weapons) and weapon augment materials (Nano Coating, Nanofiber Frame, Acidproof Glaze, Booster Frame). More info here.

To advance a weapon, you need its duplicate. R weapons cannot be advanced; SR and SSR weapons can be advanced 6 times. Each weapon has its own bonuses for advancement; more info here

Each weapon can be affixed with 4 matrices. More info at matrix page.

Resonance[edit | edit source]

Based on the combination of your equipped weapon types, you will receive a Resonance.

Icon No Resonance.png
Icon Tank.png
Icon Damage.png
Icon Healer.png
Equip 1 weapon of any type, Increase final damage reduction by 5%, shatter and healing effect by 20%, in team play, increase final damage and damage reduction by 20%
Icon Perseverance.png
Icon Tank.png
Icon Tank.png
Equip at least 2 defense-type weapons to activate. Increase damage reduction by 25%, shatter by 60% and aggro by 800%. in team play, further boost damage reduction by 20%
Icon Brute Force.png
Icon Damage.png
Icon Damage.png
Equip at least 2 DPS-type weapon to activate. Increase final damage by 10%, whicn in team play is further increased to 40%
Icon Blessing.png
Icon Healer.png
Icon Healer.png
Equip at least 2 support-type weapons to activate, increase healing by 100%, which in team play is further increase by 100%

Team Play: Joint Operation, Void Rift, Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Frontier Clash, etc.

Elements[edit | edit source]

There are five different elements (Flame Element Fire.png  / Ice Element Ice.png / Volt Element Lightning.png / Physical Element Physical ), and Element Aberration ) a weapon can be associated with one of them. These elements grant unique effects when charging an attack.

To perform a fully charged attack you need to completely charge your Discharge meter and then do an attack.

Note: Discharge gained from Phantasia does not count for fully charged attacks.

Icon Element Effect
Element Fire.png Flame After the weapon is fully charged, the next attack ignites the enemy for 8 seconds, dealing 58.00%* attack per second and reducing the target's healing effect by 50% during ignition.
Element Ice.png Ice After the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will freeze the enemy for 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds, when the ice shell breaks it deals 151.00%* attack. While frostbitten, the target's weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.
Element Lightning.png Volt After the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will paralyze the enemy for 1 second electrify them for 6 seconds, negating all buffs and dealing 144.00%* attack. The target will not be able to gain any buffs for 6 seconds.
Element Physical Physical After the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will deal 63%* attack and cause the enemy to enter the Grievous state for 7 seconds, increasing the damage taken by 20%
Element Aberration Altered Damage When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will leave a mark on the enemy that explodes after 5 seconds. The explosion deals 25% of the damage dealt during the marked period, up to 560% of ATK. Only one mark can exist at a time.

Weapons list[edit | edit source]

Note that some weapons from the beta test weapons are not available now; you can see them here.

R-Rarity[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Class Element
Weapon Electromagnetic Blade.png EM Blade Sword Damage Lightning

Weapon Combat Knife.png Combat Knife Dagger Damage Physical

Weapon Frost Spear.png Frost Spear Spear Damage Ice

Weapon Composite Bow.png Composite Bow Bow Damage Fire

SR Rarity[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Class Element
Weapon Initial Strike.png Pummeler Hammer Tank Ice

Weapon Stigmata Scepter.png Staff of Scars Scepter Healer Lightning

Weapon Thundererous Halberd.png Thunderous Halberd Spear Damage Lightning

Weapon Nightingale's Feather.png Nightingale's Feather Bow Damage Physical

Weapon The Terminator.png The Terminator Gun
Damage Ice

SSR Rarity[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Class Element
Weapon Absolute Zero.png Absolute Zero Scepter Healer Ice

Weapon Veto Cube.png Negating Cube Cube Healer Fire

Weapon Meltdown Shield V2.png Molten Shield V2 Shield/Axe Tank Fire

Weapon Icewind Arrow.png Icewind Arrow Bow Damage Ice

Weapon Thunder Blades.png Thunderblades Dagger Damage Lightning

Weapon Dual EM Stars.png Dual EM Stars Gun
(Dual Pistols)
Damage Lightning

Weapon Chakram of the Seas.png Chakram of the Seas Chakram Damage Physical

Weapon Rosy Edge.png Rosy Edge Greatsword Tank Ice

Weapon Scythe of the Crow.png Scythe of the Crow Scythe Damage Fire

Weapon Venus.png Venus Gun
(Dual Pistols)
Healer Lightning

Balmung.png Balmung Dual Sword Damage Ice

Guren Blade.png Guren Blade Sword Damage Physical

Sparky.png Sparky Drone Damage Fire

Blazing Revolver.png Blazing Revolver Rifle Damage Fire

Alaya.png Alaya Katana Damage Lightning

Dawn.png Dawn Mech Tank Physical

Ryusen Toshin.png Ryusen Toshin Dual Sword Tank Ice

Shadow Weaver.png Shadow Weaver Fan Damage Aberration

Vespers.png Vespers Cybernetic Arms Healer Physical

Powerbreak.png Powerbreak Spear Damage Lightning

Crosshair Snipe.png Clovercross Rifle Damage Fire

Blazing Revolver
Scythe of the Crow
Composite Bow
Icewind Arrow
The Terminator
Frost Spear
Dual EM Stars
Thunderous Halberd
EM Blade
Guren Blade
Chakram of the Seas
Nightingale's Feather
Combat Knife
Shadow Weaver
Negating Cube Absolute Zero Venus
Staff of Scars
Molten Shield V2 Ryusen Toshin
Rosy Edge