Energy Crystal Dust

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Energy Crystal Dust is a currency that can be obtained by spending Vitality.

Energy Crystal Dust as it appears in the game UI.

Upon reaching level 40 purple colored Energy Crystal Dust can also be obtained by spending Vitality and completing level of the Wormhole.

Store[edit | edit source]

Energy Crystal Dust can be exchanged for various items in the Shop, including gifts, gear and items for enhancing it.

B = Blue Crystal Dust; P = Purple Crystal Dust
Item Name Cost Level Requirement Weekly Limit
Booster Module 20 B 40
Advancement Module 100 B 2
Fine equipment box 25 B
Special gift 60 B
Fine gift 30 B
Falcon gear piece 100 B 30-36 depending on piece
Elite gear piece 400 P 40-46 depending on piece