Exploration Puzzles

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Map Marker

Solve small puzzles to receive Gold or Black Nucleus.

Some Exploration Puzzles are timegated. This is indicated visibly and if interacted with, puzzle telling how long until it is unlocked and solvable.

Unsolved Exploration Puzzles that carry Nucleus are marked on minimap.

Exploration puzzles are required to complete map exploration.

How to solve all Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Image Name Solution
Supply Pod.png Supply Pod Kill the Treasure Guardian nearby.
Dandelion.jpg Dandelion Strike the Dandelion once, after that strike the white tuft ball carrying the nucleus.
File:Ring of Echoes.jpg Ring of Echoes Jump on the Music Pad until it lights up and just follow the order that the pads glow in.
Singularity Rock.png Singularity Rock Use the relic Strange Cube to push the ball off the statue.
Tar Pit.jpg Tar Pit Strike with flame weapon or throw flame core at it.
Thornvine.png Thornvine Strike with flame weapon or throw flame core at it.
Earthphyte.png Earthphyte A plant that grows in a variety of colors.

Find a bud that matches the color of the Earthphyte and place it in the center.

Energy Screen.png Energy Screen Enter the correct PIN into the terminal to remove the barrier.

Find correct PIN on dedicated Energy Screen page.

Force Induction Plate.png Force Induction Plate Jump and do a down strike attack on any melee weapon.
Glowshroom.jpg Growshroom Jump on Glowshrooms in order from smallest to largest.
Kerosenia.jpg Kerosenia Strike with flame weapon or throw flame core at it.
Lava Pit.png Lava Pit Strike with ice weapon or throw ice core at it.
Omnium Pillar induction plate.png Omnium Pillar Induction Plate Use the relic: Omnium Handcannon on the induction plate.
Concentration Ray.png Concentration Ray Interact with the concentration rays in order.
Black Nucleus Drone.png Black Nucleus Drone Destroy the drone with any weapon.
ChowChow.jpg ChowChow Throw Water Core to the middle of ChowChow.
AI Servant.png AI Servant Follow the AI Servant and it will lead you to an NPC.