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Hello! Im Dodo, a Tower Of Fantasy player and an aspiring streamer/content creator.

You want get better? Well here you will find some easy ways for you to be better at Tower Of Fantasy!

The boss can drop SSR-SR weapons and Matrices. It also drops relic parts.

Step 1: Weapon knowledge and Boss battle roles[edit source]

So in ToF we have a lot of choices for weapons. We have weapons that are meant to shatter shields, weapons that are meant to deal a lot of damage and weapons that charge your weapons abilities. Some weapons are of course better than others. But in the end it only thing that matters is how you like to play. The open world of ToF is easy for most of the time so weapons don't matter so much. But when you enter more challenging content like Apex League (PvP) or Boss Battles then weapons tend to have bigger reguirement's. In PvP you usually need 1 shatter weapon and 1 damage dealer weapon. And for boss battles you have to know your role on the field. For boss battles you have to do your role well and help your team in defeating the boss with right role.

Shield shatter role[edit source]

One of the more important roles is shield shatter role. This role is meant to protect your team when the boss is about to enter "Maximum load" mode. At this mode the boss will gain a shield and start gaining load to the maximum power bar. If the team manages to shatter the shield the boss will be stunned for short while. For this you will need a weapon that shatters shields faster. These weapons are Rosy Edge (Meryl), Scythe of the Crow (King), The Terminator (Hilda) and Pummeler (Ene). These weapons shatter shields with faster rate than other weapons. They are very vital in any part of the game and can save you from many situations.

Support role[edit source]

Then there is support role. This class is important in many different modes. These weapons can provide shields, heal and cause effects. In boss battles healers are vital as the boss deals a lot of damage to players with its attacks. Healer weapons are Venus (Nemesis), Negating Cube (Zero), Absolute Zero (Cocoritter) and Staff of Scars (Pepper).

Then there is the "team buffers". These weapons can buff your teams damage and give you defensive buffs. These support weapons are Negating Cube (Zero), Absolute Zero (Cocoritter), Pummeler (Ene) and Thunderous Halberd (Echo). Support weapons can gives such buffs as: damage increase, healing efficiency increase and aggro enemies.

Dmg dealer role[edit source]

For damage dealing weapons you can basically use anything. But the better damage dealing weapons are: Venus (Nemesis), Dual EM Stars (Samir), Chakram of the Seas (Shiro), Thunderblades (Crow), Icewind Arrow (Tsubasa), Molten Shield V2 (Huma) and Nightingale's Feather (Bai Ling). These weapons advancements are more towards damage dealing. Usually you want to have at least one of these weapons in your loadout.

Step 2: Saving your resources.[edit source]

So this is a part that you can skip but i would recommend not to. Saving your weapon materials is a smart move and focusing to upgrade only 3 weapons at start can save a lot of time later on. If you want to try a weapon out, you should level it to level 40. After level 40 weapon enchantment material cost increases a lot. Imagine later on you get an amazing weapon and you don't have enough materials to make it better. It is very frustrating to get the materials and it takes time. So this is the reason you don't want to waste materials on weapons that you probably wont later on.

Step 3: Pulling for weapons.[edit source]

So you are here thinking that you want more weapons. But you don't know what banner you want to pull on. Well here is guide for it. In ToF there is currency called Dark Crystal. This is used to obtain various items like Vitality solution, gold, Proof of purchase, Special voucher and different type of Nucleus. The nucleus is used to get new weapons. You might think that Gold nucleus is better but you are wrong there my friend. The item you want to get is the Red Nucleus. The Red Nucleus allows you to do summons on the limited weapon banner to obtain more powerful weapons. When you do summons you obtain Flame Gold from limited banners and Black gold from normal banner. The Flame Gold turns into Black gold after the limited banner ends. You can use The Flame gold to purchase the limited banner weapon with 120 Flame Gold. So in this mind the weapon is guaranteed at 120summons. All of your standard SSR weapons are available at the Black gold store after you obtain 1 copy of the weapon. So in the end it is much more worth to buy Red Nucleus because in the end it will turn to standard banner black gold. So spend your Dark Crystals wisely my friend.

Step 4: Weapon Matrices.[edit source]

Weapon Matrices are weapon attachments that increase the base stats of weapons and give special abilities. These abilities wary on rarity of the Matrices. Most common ones are the blue (R), then comes the purple (SR) and lastly the yellow (SSR). The more rare the Matrices is the more powerful the abilities they have. When equipping Matrices you want to check weapons damage type and the ability of the Matrices. Then you combine the two and your done.

Step 5: Suppressors.[edit source]

The Suppressors are very easy to understand. They increase your base stats and give you more freedom to explore the vast world of ToF. You need material called Potent Omnium crystal to upgrade the suppressors. You can get these items from doing quests and tasks. Simple isnt it.

Step 6: Relics.[edit source]

Relics are very useful gadgets for different purposes. They have many different effects. They are divided to different categories like: DMG, DEF and MISC. The effect of the relic differs on the category it is placed in. You can see more detailed info on the relics trough this link: Relics