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GUIDE UPDATED: 12/08/2022 - FOCUS: PVE - Author: Potato

There is currently very mixed opinions regarding the meta, so I chose to join the action and come out with my Guide for the weapons.

I will be providing Tier-list and recommendations on which weapons to choose. NOTE: These may not be ultimate best-choice for everyone. Please remember that game is still enjoyable with less optimal weapons, try not to burn yourself out by resetting your characters non-stop until you feel like uninstalling. Game is still quite new and balance changes happened just few days before launch.

NOTE: I will try to update this guide as more weapons are released. Feel free to disprove me by making your own guides.

Recommended Weapons

Keep in mind that while I do recommend weapons here, there are three kinds of weapons in Tower of Fantasy: Shieldbreaker, Main dps and support. Do not stack 3 of the same and expect to be strongest just because some tierlist told you so.

Some people keep saying that all weapons are currently semi-decent. I could not disagree more. In my personal opinion, there are clear winners even after nerf.


Scythe of the Crow is still and will always be S tier choice for a shieldbreaker, no question about it. However even when only B tier, I'd prefer Rosy Edge if I did not have a scythe. Not being able to get interrupted is god-sent especially for newcomers.


Dual EM Stars is fantastic main dps weapon. Fast hits and great charge rate and AoE attack. It might be little clunky to use against flying targets but how many enemies are flying anyways?

Thunderblades is great for invested players, as long as you get it to higher stars. Feels weaker than other options at the beginning.


Venus has a great passive dps after you upgrade to 3 stars. Only downside is that it only supports electric weapons.

Marc, Nemesis, Tsubasa, Glaudia, Shiro = Good for bursts. Use the weapon swap ability and quickly swap back to your main weapon.

Tier list



Dual em stars.pngScythe of the crow.pngVenus.png Great weapons with little downsides.

If you are rerolling, aim for one of these. Very effective from the get-go.


Absolute zero.pngThunderblades.pngIcewind arrow Great options, however might not be as effective at

the start of the game before stacking some stars.


Molten shield v2.pngRosy edge.pngChakram of the seas.pngNegating cube While some of these are strong, they just have very bad negatives.

Personal fan of Rosy edge, but still not the best option to choose from.


Nightingale's feather.pngPummeler.pngStaff of scars.png Pick one of these if you just can't get 3rd SSR tier weapon by your 80th pull.

Make sure you get a good resonance that will boost your primary SSR weapons.


Thunderous halberd.png You should not go below C-tier ever.


Em blade.pngComposite bow.pngCombat blade.pngFrosted spear.pngThe terminator.png Trash. Never waste even a penny to upgrade these.