Interstellar Exploration

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Each day you would be presented with different Interstellar Explorations on your map. Completing one will cost 30 vitality, and will reward you with different weapon upgrading materials.

Interstellar exploration can give you blue or purple weapon upgrading materials.

The amount of materials depends on the stars of the Interstellar exploration.

1 star = 3 Upgrading material

2 star = 4 Upgrading material

3 star = 5 Upgrading material

Later in the game Interstellar explorations with tier II upgrading materials start also appearing. If an Interstellar exploration has tier II upgrading materials, then by star level the rewards are:

1 star = 1 Upgrading material II + 2 Upgrading Material

2 star = 1 Upgrading material II + 3 Upgrading Material

3 star = 2 Upgrading material II + 1 Upgrading Material

If you stay after finishing this instance (for around 10 seconds), there is a chance for a starseed to spawn, wich rewards you with 1 Gold Nucleus.

Note: It doesn't matter the quality or quantity of the material, Interstellar exploration always cost 30 vitality.

Note: Completing an Interstellar Exploration without vitality would grant you Support points.