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KING Official Pic 2022-8-10.png
Weapon Scythe of the Crow
Rarity SSR
Role Damage
Element Fire

Gender Male
Height 190cm
Birthday November 3rd (Scorpio)
Birthplace Crown
Relatives Unknown
Voice Actors
English Johnny Young
Chinese 子晰 (Zi Xi)
Japanese 松岡禎丞 (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Fists and weapons are my chips. You can decide how much they're worth to you.

The brash attitude and the flamboyant clothes are both indicators of his strong personality. Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence. Completely motivated by money, too.

Awakening Points[edit source]

Points Reward
200 Avatar: King
600 Log: Eventful Deal
1200 Trait (King: Coldblooded Swipe — Every 7 enemies killed by KING restores HP equal to 8% of Max HP.)
2000 Log: Equal Contract
3000 Log: A Bet
4000 Trait (King: Fear Reaper — Every 5 enemies killed by KING restores HP equal to 10% of Max HP.)

Gifts[edit source]

Favorites: Saved Rare items Limited Store Items
Gift Warren fossil.png Gift Crown token.png Gift Silver cookware.png Gift Aida comic.png Gift Smarty doll.png Gift Limited Peanut figurine.png Gift Void Angel figurine.png
80 80 60 60 60 60 60
Gift Limited Tata figurine.png Gift 3d Hykros puzzle.png Gift New game console.png Gift Snow globe.png
60 60 60 60

Logs[edit source]

Log: Eventful Deal

KING: Hey.

  • Player: ?

KING: Explain to me what Simulacrum AI is for.

  • Player: ...?

KING: Oh, so Simulacrum AI... That's me.

KING: Concepts and general knowledge flood in at activation.

KING: Well yes, there are instructions. But I detest small print and long paragraphs.

KING: How about you don't waste time and just tell me who I have to take out?

  • Player: Basically, getting rid of all my enemies...


KING: ...

KING: What does that mean, a "long term contract"?

KING: Can't you explain it a little better?

  • Player: I suspect you'll fully grasp it in a bit of actual practice.

KING: I see.

KING: Let's talk about the payment once I've wrapped my head around it.

Log: Equal Contract

KING: I think I've worked out what's up with this job.

KING: Lemme get the unpleasantness out of the way first.

KING: Don't think you can just use me however you like, even if I am a copied AI.

KING: You want me to do things, you gotta pay me in return. Fair pay for fair work. You understand that, right?

KING: I'll be straight with you too. I'm sure you know the prototype whom I was based on.

KING: Listen, I'll be frank. My times not cheap, and I want you to be prepared.

  • Player: So how do you want me to settle?
  • Player: But the other Simulacra AI...

KING: Tap the node.

KING: I'm not gonna beat around the bush. It's simple— you pay me, I get the job done. That's it.

KING: However, I'm still not sure just how long and how difficult are the things you need to do around here.

KING: We can come back to that.

Log: A Bet

KING: Might be a little late to say it now.

KING: I just realized that this job means... I have to follow you around all the time?

KING: Hmph.

KING: How tiresome.

  • Player: Yeah, well... Sorry about that.
  • Player: Ha-ha-ha...

KING: I know.

KING: I don't think I can go for too long without some form of entertainment.

KING: I can't let my hair down properly just anywhere, you get me?

KING: I get annoyed if I'm not able to spend whatever I want on whatever I want.

  • Player: ...

KING: Don't think too much. It's not like you need to do anything, anyway.

KING: I just wanted to let you know.

KING: Gimme work that's not so tedious that I regret giving up all this to accompany you.

Archive[edit source]

Info: Obtain Simulacra

Out of all those stupid enough to saddle themselves with Banges Business Association's high-interest rate, KING is the most unique case. Usually, anyone unable to afford payment gets sent to work in the mines, but he never got such treatment.

It's not that the Association didn't want to, but even if they did post big bounties and spare no arms or efforts, they still couldn't touch him.

As a merc famous for his combat prowess, KING is touted as the personification of violence. He's been fighting since childhood and is a veteran brawler specializing in one-against-many. He would get lucrative pay for each job, only to supposedly blow it all immediately.

File 1: Obtain Simulacra

For the owner of this Simulacrum, we'd like to say this first - KING is very different from others.

We've wanted to add this famous mercenary to our database since the beginning, but he didn't cross paths with Hykros, and we had no way of contacting him, since that required connections that we didn't have. After much string-pulling, we managed to contact him through an engineer we worked with, and finally got a chance to negotiate... or rather, strike a deal with him.

He didn't want anything that Hykros provided—long-term benefits, point of contact, further services, proof of friendship—none whatsoever. He wanted cash, and that was non-negotiable.

So we paid him a handsome amount for us to take his data for the Simulacrum. This amount still sticks out like a sore thumb in our accounting records.

Please note that we think KING is purely motivated by money, and this is completely reflected in the AI of the Simulacrum. Please don't think that he would help just because your interests aligned. Without money, it's difficult to make him do anything.

Strange, isn't it? He pretty much wins every fight he's involved in, but you'll find that he doesn't always enter battles willingly. Why is that? Is it because battles don't have the same fun and sense of accomplishment? Or... is it because he measures everything with money, and not those intangible emotions?

-Hykros Simulacrum Research Department

File 2: 200 Awakening Points

What's it like to live in Crown Mines where the sun doesn't shine? There aren't many ways to find out, because not many people have been able to leave that life. KING did, and he was famous for it. But you only need to take a look at him to find out that if you want to interview him, you better offer him a lot of money.

Based on research, this boy named "KING" didn't have a name at first, and no one knew who his parents were. He grew up in the mines and started at the bottom, and his future had already been decided— he would become another cog in the machine that was the mine.

So what derailed this little mine cart? No one knew exactly what happened. Maybe it was an argument, a fight, or just a random rebellious moment. Before he realized it, he had already been involved in the gangs there, and was being trained as a fighter.

As he grew older in such an environment, he picked up all the bad things about it, especially a bad habit that "spread like the plague in the mines."

We could have predicted how it would end for him.

But he proved that he was able to get out of it all, however unreasonable his getaway was.

File 3: 600 Awakening Points

[A secret note circulating among the hosts of underground arenas]

"KING" (with photos, personal information, and results)

I think you all know who this is, so I'll just get right to the point. I hope we can work together to create an environment where he simply can't compete anymore.

I'm sure you know why— he's always winning. This spells trouble for us, because the odds of the matches that he's in look really bad, and there are never any surprises. Those who place bets don't win a lot of money and lose interest. That means our cut gets smaller in the long run.

We tried to bribe him into losing a match now and then, but he didn't know how to control his powers, and, well... I'll leave it at that.

We need to create some rules against him, like some sort of trap, and then we can ban him when he violates that rule. Then we create a shared blacklist and ban him from all of our matches forever. We need to make sure we're all on the same page, so that he doesn't think it's one of us picking on him.

But you can't get on his bad side. Refer him to some other jobs if you can. You want to keep your business running, right? Then be nice to him on the surface.

This concerns our collective interest, so let's put aside our differences for now. You are all wise decision-makers, so let's give this idea some thought. Oh, and please keep this note within this group only.

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Additional Info[edit | edit source]

(As of Aug. 10, 2022) He is widely considered one of best DPS and S-rank in many tier lists.