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After the Omnium outbreak, the original social order of Aida Star was severely disrupted, and violent organizations including Hyena Gang and Marauders went out of control, attacking the wanderers and even the sanctuaries to plunder resources. While under the influence of the Omnium outbreak, some humans, animals and plants gradually alienated into more aggressive and dangerous monsters. Over the years, some of these monsters also gradually mutated, forming a preliminary tactical awareness, knowing how to cooperate with medium and long-range operations, cluster operations, and ambushes. This poses a huge threat to the operations of the wanderers.

Players of Tower Of Fantasy play the role of a Wanderer in the game, with the identity set as an amnesiac Hagarde Enforcer, who can choose between male and female at the beginning of the game and their appearance later during the game introduction.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The main quest revolves around the siblings Zeke and Shirli of Astra Sanctuary. Shirli was alienated during an attack, and Zeke joined the resistance group "Heirs of Aida" to save his sister. The main character is in the pursuit of helping the siblings while completing the tasks assigned by Hykros, and gradually understands the world.