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Weapon Venus
Rarity SSR
Role Healer
Element Lightning

Gender Female
Height 165cm
Birthday May 23rd (Gemini)
Birthplace Unknown
Relatives Zeke (brother)

Shirli (past self)

Voice Actors
English Suzie Yeung
Japanese 戸松遥 (Haruka Tomatsu)
I will find my brother. We'll go home together.

Underwent a debilitating mutation process before the heirs of Aida performed procedures on her, turning her into an angel of grace. Although she is actually quiet and introverted, under the mind control of the leader of the Heirs of Aida, the Sage, she transforms into a merciless killing machine.

Awakening Points[edit source]

Points Reward
200 Avatar: Nemesis
600 Log: Rebirth and Coexistence
1200 Trait (Nemesis: Metamorphasis — After summoning an Electrode, deal volt damage equal to 60% of ATK to all enemies within 30 meters of the Electrode and heal all allies (including the user) within its range by 120% of ATK.)
2000 Log: Experimental Operations
3000 Log: In Front of the Bionic Eye
4000 Trait (Nemesis: Sublimation — After summoning an Electrode, deal volt damage equal to 100% of ATK to all enemies within 30 meters of the Electrode and heal all allies (including the user) within its range by 200% of ATK.)

Gifts[edit source]

Favorites: Toys Everyday Items Decorations
Gift Angela ornament.png Gift Aida comic.png Gift Banges specialty.png Gift Snow globe.png Gift Smarty doll.png Gift Limited Peanut figurine.png
80 60 60 60 60 60

Logs[edit source]

Log: Rebirth and Coexistence

Nemesis: Let me see the log in... The login of the communication device...

Nemesis: Hm?

Nemesis: Ah! Has it logged on?

  • Player: It worked!

Nemesis: Really? That's wonderful.

Nemesis: Unlike the radiofrequency transceiver function of the Angel of Clemency, you need to manually type everything with this one.

Nemesis: I forgot how to do some of the operations, but I guess it's okay as long as I can log in...

Nemesis: The log in name is... Nemesis.

  • Player: Is this the default setting?
  • Player: Can it be changed to Shirli?

Nemesis: Ugh...

Nemesis: It seems that the basic setting is based on the name registered in Hykros, and it can't be modified without permission.

  • Player: I see...
  • Player: What a pity...

Nemesis: I have actually come to terms with that code name now.

Nemesis: But it's also true that my heart feels warm inside when I get called "Shirli"...

Nemesis: This reminds me over and over again of something I can't forget. Some of it is about you, (Character Name).

  • Player: Then I will continue to call you Shirli!

Nemesis: Yeah.

Nemesis: We'll be spending a lot of time together from now on, so let's chat often when we're free.

Log: Experimental Operations

Nemesis: (Character Name), although I'm really happy that you come and care about me from time to time.

Nemesis: But I'm getting a lot better now.

Nemesis: I don't think you need to worry too much about me.

  • Player: Is that so?

Nemesis: I'll be fine.

Nemesis: Please believe me. I'll report to you if anything strange happens to me.

Nemesis: I won't push myself too hard...

Nemesis: It would also increase the burden on my companions, so it is something that should be avoided.

Nemesis: I know it very well.

  • Player: Okay, let's follow your plan, Shirli.

Nemesis: But, on the contrary, I hope you can relax a little in front of me.

Nemesis: Did my condition really look that bad just then?

  • Player: Yeah.
  • Player: How can I not worry about you when you're like this?

Nemesis: Well... I'm just wondering whether my face betrays too much of my troubles...

Nemesis: Whether everyone who sees me like this will be drawn into a negative state...

Nemesis: I don't know how to describe this. I'm sorry.

  • Player: You don't need to apologize.

Nemesis: Oh right, at the very least, I wanted to tell you that...

Nemesis: Although I look like I'm not doing well every now and then, it isn't always because of my body.

Nemesis: I could just be sorting though my emotions.

  • Player: That's not a trivial matter, is it?

Nemesis: Do you think it would be better for me to discuss all kinds of ideas with you?

  • Player: If you're willing to.

Nemesis: Okay... I'll try.

Nemesis: I knew it... People would see me as a robot...

  • Player: Really?

Nemesis: That happened... When we went to the living area together.

Nemesis: And the time we were in Hykros.

Nemesis: I would be concerned about others' gazes, worrying that I would be seen as a robot again...

  • Player: I don't see any difference against humans.

Nemesis: Is... is that so?

Nemesis: I am very happy to hear that.

Log: In Front of the Bionic Eye

Nemesis: Bugs

  • Player: ?

Nemesis: Bugs

  • Player: Bugs?

Nemesis: Bugs here!

Nemesis: When I... was opening the package...

Nemesis: They got... got out...

  • Player: That's terrible...

Nemesis: (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Nemesis: I... I am really afraid of bugs...

  • Player: I don't like them either...

Nemesis: Since I was little...

Nemesis: What if they got to my body through my fingers...

  • Player: The sense of touch can be turned off, right?

Nemesis: No, I don't want that even so...!

Nemesis: Let's get some tools to get rid of them.

  • Player: When talking about this, Shirli seems...

Nemesis: Hm?

  • Player: actually very lively?

Nemesis: Ah... Hope I'll never talk about this again...

Nemesis: I'm also still trying to find out what I can do with this body.

  • Player: Become more familiar with features?

Nemesis: There aren't any instruction manuals I can read.

Nemesis: Right now, I feel like I'm moving this body based on instinct, but I don't know how it works...

Nemesis: I was wondering if there are any untapped features that could be exploited.

Nemesis: Then I can be of more use...

  • Player: Get used to it slowly.

Nemesis: Once I understand myself better, I'll also tell (Character Name) everything I learn

Archive[edit source]

Info: Obtain Simulacra

An Angel of Clemency newly born through restructuring of Shirli, a nurse trainee at Astra shelter, with half the flesh and nerves replaced by mechs and circuits.

As a human, she once suffered from the direct impulse of Omnium Radiation due to a damaged suppressor. However, before the complete aberration, she was sent to the Heirs of Aida for experimental treatment, which was miraculously a success.

With her restructure recently done, she is the most unstable one among all Angels of Clemency, but also the one equipped with the latest technologies of the Heirs of Aida.

File 1: Obtain Simulacra

"What exactly is this structure...?"

Hey, we need a few more people monitoring the connection over here. This is the key point. Turn on the screen over there as well.I'll explain the analysis equipment next. This might be a little painful, so you need to ask the subject for their consent on whether to use anesthesia.


Really? The process will be painful.

"I want to be awake. Please let me feel my own existence... Please allow me to observe the inspection and analysis process. Like you, I want to know exactly what I am now..."

...Okay, I've confirmed your consent and will start the inspection now. —Authorized recording kept on file during a Hykros inspection

File 2: 200 Awakening Points

[Scanned Copy of Drawings by Graffiti Studio]

Drawing 01: A drawing of an egg-shaped white building. In the building are screens showing brain wave indices, operating tables, and medicine racks. It looks like a medical venue. The stethoscope larger than the building is drawn on the outer side of the picture. The tubing is wrapped around the egg well, and the earpiece is close to the top.

Drawing 02: A drawing of a large container that looks like a reservoir and a battery. The container is divided into left and right sides, with a dam that can be opened and closed in the middle and various instrument panels sealed by glass at the bottom of the container. As the container sways, the red dye on the left and the blue dye on the right begin mixing together.

Drawing 03: A drawing of the silhouettes of two people holding hands that are obscured by other colors. It looks like the artist gave up halfway.

On the note next to the scanned drawings are the words: "These are apparently scenes from her dreams."

File 3: 600 Awakening Points

One look is enough to tell that what we know is far from enough, and we obviously can't file away her data. One reason for this is that Hykros is still conducting in-depth research on the technology contained in her body. They will continue to collect more data to integrate and subsequently update the database. As for the second reason... I'm sure you know why.

She herself is currently walking a thorny road, beset on both sides by self-growth and the struggles of her own existence. At the forefront, where information and calculation cannot keep up... Some information, some new records, and some thoughts and feelings can only be obtained by chance by staying close to her or by experiencing them with her.

So, this page has been reserved for you.

File 4: 1200 Awakening Points


Voice Lines[edit source]