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Ruins are solo player instances that give one time rewards. Each one comes with 3 difficulty levels that unlock with higher level and contain a number of set hidden treasure chests.

Ruins are facilities left by pre-Cataclysm residents, and you are definetely not the first to find them.
Be careful! The traps by previous residents and the force controlling this place aren't on your side!

Meet the level requirement to enter the ruin.
Explore every difficulty level of the ruin to obtain rewards.


Astra[edit | edit source]

Ruins A-01.png A-01

Ruins A-02.png A-02

Ruins A-03.png A-03

Banges[edit | edit source]

Ruins B-01.png B-01

Ruins B-02.png B-02

Ruins B-03.png B-03

Navia[edit | edit source]

Ruins C-01.png C-01

Ruins C-02.png C-02

Ruins C-03.png C-03

Crown[edit | edit source]

Ruins D-01.png D-01

Ruins D-02.png D-02

Ruins D-03.png D-03

Warren[edit | edit source]

Ruins E-01.png E-01

Ruins E-02.png E-02

Ruins E-03.png E-03