Scenic Points

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Scenic Points are vistas that player can interact with to get an ingame screenshot made. Each zone has its own set of Scenic Points to discover.

In-game interface has hints for each location.

NOTE: You will not gain max exploration progress before claiming rewards from Scenic Points section in Terminal interface.

Astra[edit | edit source]

Astra has total of 5 Scenic Points

Image Coordinates Description
Astra Scenic Point 1.png -620.4, 1094.4 Watching over the Robarg's lair from South.
Astra Scenic Point 2.jpg -666.4, 899.8 At Crimson Pillars.

North-West from Training Facility, on top of a pillar.

Astra Scenic Point 3.jpg -393.3, 721.7 Overlooking the Mega Arena from the cliff North-East.

Banges[edit | edit source]

Banges has total of 6 Scenic Points.

Image Coordinates Description
Banges Scenic Point 1.jpg -2.4, 428.3 On a broken highway.
Banges Scenic Point 2.jpg -150.2, 307.0 On a broken himghway.
Banges Scenic Point 3.jpg -681.3, 0.8 Near the edge, North-East from Signal Station Ruins

Navia[edit | edit source]

Navia has total of 4 Scenic Points.

Crown[edit | edit source]

Crown has total of 4 Scenic Points.

Image Coordinates Description
Crown Area 4.png
(715,391) On the edge, near the Crown Omnium Tower
Crown Miner's Camp.png
(192,181) On the edge west of the Miner's Camp

Warren[edit | edit source]

Warren has total of 4 Scenic Points.