Spacetime Domain

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"A stable pathway found by the Hykros researchers in the chaotic dimensional rift. A series of non-biological traits proved that the passage always led to a different dimension, but also provided safe returns. You must go through it every day to gather more information for further studies."

Spacetime Domain is a Solo Challenge where you need to defeat enemies and a boss, in a random ruin. Completing the challenge will award you with some EXP and Gold.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Difficulty Rewards Level REQ
Difficulty 1 8000 Gold Lvl. 29
Difficulty 2 10000 Gold Lvl. 31
Difficulty 3 12000 Gold Lvl. 41
Difficulty 4 14000 Gold Lvl. 51
Difficulty 5 Lvl. 61

Each attempt of Spacetime Domains will cost 30 Vitality.