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One of the currencies redeemable for items in the Points Store.

The Support Points icon as it appears in the game UI.

Support points can be earned when you form a Team Support System with New Wanderers (Players) or players who are returning back to Tower of Fantasy. A fast way of obtaining Support points is by doing lower level co-op game modes and not claiming any rewards via vitality.

You can spend this currency in the Support Store.

Store[edit | edit source]

Item name Cost
Gardener (Honor title) 1500
Holiday Fun (Chat bubble) 1000
Joint Supply Chip I 900
Black Nucleus.png Black Nucleus 300
Icecore 100
Firecore 100
Magcore 100
Rockcore 100
Gold (1000) 70
Vehicle Maintenance Parts
Turbocharger 250
High-Performance Transmission 250
Gyroscope 250
High-Energy Battery 250
Precision Instrument 100
Shock Absorber 100
Universal Bearing 100
E53 Coolant 50
FF79 Alloy Lubricant 50
Power Gears 50

Note: Vehicle maintenance parts are only unlocked upon unlocking the Vehicle option ingame.

Daily limit[edit | edit source]

The number of points that can be gained each day is limited to 1500 and when the limit is reached you will see a message in the system chat.

You can see how much you've gained in a day in the party menu.

Note: There's also a currency called "Return Support Points" that are obtained when Teaming up with returning Executors.