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All the vehicles are same speed and only cosmetic.

You can do a short jump while moving in a vehicle, jump height seems like the same for all vehicles but more testing is necessary

There are achievements for unlocking specific amount of vehicles. Some vehicles are not available during global release

Notes: the vehicle 2613 has an animation during which the player can't jump

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Vehicles can be maintained with different materials which increase their Maintenance Level. Dark Crystals are rewarded every 5 levels and some vehicles unlock additional Refit options at certain levels. Each vehicle has an independent maintenance level.

The Parts needed for maintenance refresh every day and when the vehicle's level is increased but will stop refreshing when the vehicle's maintenance level goes beyond the player's level.

Notes: This materials can be obtained from investigating elements of the map such as boxes or machines and can be looted from mechanical monsters.

List of vehicles[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock method Image
Falcon Obtainable through the main story quest line, during your first visit to Hykros. Falcon.png
Mechabird Obtainable through the Road of Strife Event, exchanged for Star Grit in the Event Store, known as the Aidan Black Market the event is live from 09/01 to 09/15.

Mechabird Head: Phase 1 | 1000 Star Grit

Mechabird Torso: Phase 1 | 1000 Star Grit

Mechabird Legs: Phase 2 | 1000 Star Grit

Mechabird Core: Phase 2 | 1000 Star Grit

2613 Originally a Chinese Exclusive, Hotta has now released 2613 as a pre-registration reward. If you pre-registered for Tower of Fantasy, you can claim it from the rewards page. 2613.png
Monocross Unicorn Power Core: Crown Hidden Quest

Unicorn Bionic Frame: Inside the base off the coast of Northern Warren (664, -1236). Passcode is 7092.

Unicorn Cyberlimbs: Supply pod in Central Warren (938, -403).

Unicorn Head: Rare drop from Devotee.

Dust Wheeler Rewarded at the end of the season for achieving the Grand Marshal rank in PvP. Dust Wheeler 3D.png
Voyager Voyager Engine: Obtained during the Navia Ecological Park Hidden Quest.

Voyager Thruster: Rare drop from the Four Powers.

Voyager Control Room: Inside the locked bunker at Seaforth Dock in Southern Crown (511, 767). Passcode is 3594.

Voyager Hull: Obtained during the Navia Ecological Park Hidden Quest.

Omnium Beast VII Omnium Beast Cockpit: Obtained during the Navia Ecological Park Hidden Quest.

Omnium Beast Left Arm: Inside the locked bunker at HT201 Shelter Southeast Banges (88, 966). Passcode is 1647.

Omnium Beast Right Arm: Rare drop from Behemoths.

Omnium Beast.png
Chaser Magnetic Rod: Supply Pod at Rusty Belt in Northern Astra (-829, 473)

Maglev Stalker: Rare drop from defeating all 4 The Vermin Brothers.


List of Chinese Exclusive Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock method Image
Future Chariot Purchased from the shop for Blue Crystals during the sale. Futurechariot.png
Jerboa Can be obtained by collecting two parts from the Gachapon Capsule Machines during the event period found in Mirror City - District A. Jerboa.png
Desert Rower Obtained from Gachapon during the event period. Desertrower-1.png
Aida Knight Rewarded for purchasing the fourth Premium Battle Pass. Aidaknight-1.png
Crimson Meteor Can be purchased from the Home Island shop. Crimsonmeteor-1.png
Heavy Bike Rewarded for advancing Marc's weapon to three stars. Heavybike-1.png

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Unlocking specific amount of mounts unlocks achievements.

Name Unlock
First Ride Own 1 vehicle.
Got a Fleet Own 4 vehicles.
Car Show Own 7 vehicles.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • When the player has high ping and activates the vehicle, the camera may stay still while the character slides in T-pose