Void Rift

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"One of the unusual dimensional phenomena found after the Cataclysm. Observations revealed that the interior is comprised of various unknown mechanisms and traps. Even without a large presence of dangerous hostiles, one still cannot be too careful."

Void Rift is a weekly cooperative mode in Tower of Fantasy. Players are given a new chance to enter the mode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and can store a max of 3 chances.

Players fight across several areas full of enemies to find 3 keys to unlock the ability to challenge the current Boss while collecting various buffs. The boss will have 2 Affixes that augment its stats and abilities in some way. These affixes change each day and have difficulty ranks associated with them that the player can see after discovering them.

The players must defeat the boss within a time limit.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Unstable Energy as it appears in-game.

Players will start on a small square center platform sealed by barriers as the mode starts. The Boss and the two Affixes will be introduced in a cutscene. Once the boss is introduced the barriers will disappear and there will be 4 consoles to interact with, one on each side of the platform. Each of these consoles will activate a bridge to a larger area full of enemies.

These areas will have a certain amount of Unstable Energy spread across them and the enemies there. Enemies with Unstable Energy must be defeated before the energy can be picked up by players.

A player who has activated their Wish.

Upon picking up Unstable Energy, a player will be given a random Buff. These buffs can be stacked and there is no limit to how many any player can have though the total amount of buffs is limited.

The designated enemies to defeat for the keys.

Players can request buffs from other players or send their own. This is important as any buff with 3 stacks will give an additional bonus Quirk effect. Each player will also activate a Wish that will buff the whole team if they have at least 1 Quirk effect. This Wish effect will activate automatically when conditions are met and an indicator by each player's name will show if they have activated the effect or not.

The prompt to challenge the boss after all keys have been collected.

As well as Unstable Energy, there are also 3 Secret Keys spread across the 4 areas that are hidden by Elite Enemies. All 3 of these keys must be obtained before the players can challenge the Boss. Once all keys are obtained an option to teleport to the boss arena will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen. If players attempt to teleport to the boss before claiming all possible buffs, they will given a warning before being allowed to continue.

Once players challenge the boss they will have a limited amount of time to defeat them. If they are successful, rewards for the run will be immediately obtained and one chance will be used up. If players fail to defeat the boss, no rewards will be obtained and a chance will not be used up.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Per Stack Quirk
Attack 5% ATK Increase ATK by 25%
Physical Attack 10% Physical Damage Increase Final Damage by 25%
Volt Attack 10% Volt Damage Increase Final Damage by 25%
Flame Attack 10% Flame Damage Increase Final Damage by 25%
Frost Attack 10% Frost Damage Increase Final Damage by 25%
Mighty Power 5% Crit Increase Crit by 25%
Poet 5% Healing Effect Increase Allies' ATK by 20%
Warrior 25% Boss Aggro Increase HP by 25%

Note: Quirk Effects of the same type cannot be stacked

Affixes[edit | edit source]

Name Effect Difficulty
Giant HP +100% 3/5
Iron Wall 15% Max HP Shield every 2 minutes 3/5
Volt Immunity Volt Damage received -50% 3/5
Frost Immunity Frost Damage received -50% 3/5
Flame Immunity Flame Damage received -50% 3/5
Physical Immunity Physical Damage received -50% 3/5
Volt Vulnerability Volt Damage received +50% 2/5
Frost Vulnerability Frost Damage received +50% 2/5
Flame Vulnerability Flame Damage received +50% 2/5
Physical Vulnerabiility Physical Damage received +50% 2/5
Wounded HP -30% 1/5
Reckless ATK +10%, HP -30% 2/5
Exhaustion Attack -30% 1/5
Radiation Nearby targets receive 100% true ATK damage every 2 seconds 4/5

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Aberrant Franken
  • Minotaur
  • Robarg
  • Vulcan
  • Chiron the Centaur
  • Aset
  • Frost Bot
  • Seele
  • Frigg
  • Hyenatron

Bosses change daily and defeating each boss for the first time will reward 20 Dark Crystals

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Void Rift has no Resonance requirements so bring good food for healing.
  • The Affixes have hints for how to counter or take advantage of them, keep these in mind.
  • Communication is key for distributing buffs for maximum effect and activating all 4 Wishes.
  • Void Rift doesn't require Vitality and chances aren't used if you don't defeat the boss, don't be afraid to try a run.
  • The rewards for Void Rift don't change; if the Boss and Affixes on a given day are giving you trouble you can always wait for them to refresh unless you'll lose out on a chance.