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Now we are getting into the hardest type of enemy in the game so far: World Bosses (Also called Roaming Bosses). You do not want to fight these enemies alone as they can easily kill you even if you are the same level as them. I wouldn't suggest soloing World Bosses unless you are extremely skilled at PvE. I would instead suggest that you grab some friends and/or some strangers along with you as you all can get the same amount of rewards.

The respawn times for world bosses don’t appear to be an exact science. The rumor is that World Bosses take around an hour to respawn on a channel, and players have a 30-minute cap on switching channels, preventing them from repeatedly jumping channels to defeat World Bosses.

List of World Bosses[edit | edit source]

The following species include(Chronological Order):
Image Name Level Location Map Position Mechanics
RobargImg.png Robarg 22 Astra, Southern Ring Ranges (-565.9, 1055.2) Robarg Location.png
  • Poison Gas: Robargs gas attack is by far his most lethal move. Its huge aoe range makes it nearly impossible to dodge when you are engaged in close combat. Carefully watch your HP after getting hit.
  • Earth Spike: Robarg randomly selects between 1-4 players to get hit by spikes launched from the ground. These spikes can hit between 1-3 times.
  • Sweep: Robarg charges up for a short time and does a sweep attack in a 180° arc in front of him.
  • Roar: Robarg charges up shortly and roars damaging all players around him in a circle.
  • Summoning: During the fight, he randomly summons a swarm of needlebees. Frequency depends on how fast you kill the boss.
  • Spheres: Robarg summons 7 spheres above his head and launches them at the player.

Note: Robarg is a physical attacker and weak to Ice.

Apophis.png Apophis 30 Banges, Industrial Zone (-480, 18) Banges.png
  • Fireballs: Throughout the fight, Apophis raises its hands into the air and launches fireballs from its hands.
  • Rock Throw: Apophis just randomly throws rocks at enemies.
  • Melee Swipe: The boss will then charge up its arms and make a 360 swipe attack.
  • Random Melee Attacks: This move has two features: one heavy charged-up swipe with its paw or a three burst that slams down at the end of it.
  • Pounce: The boss stays in a low stance for several seconds before pouncing toward a player’s direction.
  • Energy Radiation: The boss will stick its claws in the ground and begin to blast waves throughout the battlefield.

Note: Apophis is a physical attacker.

Frost Bot.png Frost Bot 35 Banges, Navia Bay (-595.6, -551.5) Location Frost Bot.png
  • Permafrost: Its signature move. Frost Bot spreads icy fog all around him freezing players with a special kind of ice. A timer will appear on frozen players counting down. When it reaches 0 the player will instantly be killed. Other players can break the ice with 5 hits. One way to avoid getting hit is by having a weapon swap skill ready and using it when he starts the animation.
  • Freeze Field: Frost Bot charges a large aoe that applies normal freeze to everyone around it. You can break out of it by mashing your attack button. Unlike permafrost this attack can be dodged.
  • Ice orbs: The bot charges an ice orb and shoots it at a player 3 times in a row with slight delays in-between. The third shot is slightly bigger.
  • Double Charge: The bot burns out his wheel for a moment, then does a charge forward knocking everything in his path over. He does a 180° at the end charging the focused player again.
  • Spinning Charge: Frost Bot does a spinning charge with almost no windup, knocking players over.

Note: Frost Bot is a frost attacker and weak to Fire.

Lucia 40 Crown Mines, Parliament (1106.4, -1129.1)
  • Belly Slam: Lucia will walk along the battlefield chasing a player after a hop, skip, and jump she will belly flop onto her target.
  • Crack That Whip: She raises her whip in the air, then cracks it forward after a short moment, causing a purple shockwave in the area.
  • Spinning Fist: Lucia moves around, spinning her after a few spins, she will try to punch a target.
  • Sword Swing: She can occasionally swing a sword into the ground right in front of her.
  • Whip spin: Lucia will spin her whip in a 360 degrees radius around herself and continue to do it for a few seconds.

Note: Lucia has no weaknesses.

Note: There are two versions of Whip Spin. One is where she spins 360 degrees and moves, while another is where she stands still and makes her whip damage stronger. Ideally, if you see the whip comes out, move away from her and don’t face her.

Note: One thing you need to know about Lucia is that she is a level 40 world boss. We recommend being at least level 32 for her, as you can access Crown Mines without having to upgrade your suppressor massively. However, you can go in earlier with an upgraded suppressor.

Sobek.png Sobek 40 Crown Mines, Fiendish Swamp (60.0, 516.1) Sobek location.png
  • Water Cannon: Sobek's main move is to fire its big cannon on its back the move targets a player, launching a big watery bolt.
  • Air Strike: An untargetable underwater attack where the boss fires missiles across the battlefield.
  • Barrel Roll: The boss does a barrel roll, hitting all enemies to the side it rolls on.
  • Burrow Attack: Sobek's second underwater attack where it shortly appears under a character’s position.
  • Head Charge: The boss powers itself up, creating a blue orb on its head it then charges around the battlefield.
  • Tail Swipe: The boss will move backward slightly and to the right, charge for a moment and then whip its tail towards the enemy.
  • Thundering Claw Strike: Sobek moves its claws to the front then they start glowing blue, it then raises them into the air before they come crashing down.
  • Volt Shield: Sobek will occasionally put a shield around itself and will take reduced shock damage, break the shield to return to normal damage.

Note: Sobek is a volt attacker and weak to Fire/Ice.

Note: Burrow Attack can severely damage or instantly kill low level players.

Note: Sobek is a level 40 enemy. It means players should be around level 35 and have their suppressor at a high enough level to venture into the Crown Mines.

Barbarossa 50 Warren, Warren Snowfield (1079.3, 1060.1)
  • Jump: Barbarossa jumps to a target and lands on that position, damaging anyone under its hitbox as it lands.
  • Roar: The boss’s two heads roar, dealing damage to anyone standing in a 180-degree radius as the boss roars.
  • Pounce: Barbarossa pounces in a direction. If a player is caught under it, the boss will pin them to the floor, with both heads biting the player for a significant chunk of damage.
  • Right Paw: The boss slams its right paw around it and then into the ground causing players to take damage and get knocked back.
  • Shield: This creates a shield around itself to reduce the damage it takes.
  • Spin Attack: The boss will lower its body, then do a 360 spin. Players caught by either the head or the tail will take significant damage.
  • Summoned Followers: Barbarossa will summon followers to help heal it when it drops a few bars of HP. Players need to target the Aberrant Canine Alphas and beat them to stop them from licking the boss’s wounds and restoring the boss’ HP.

Note: Barbarossa is an ice attacker and weak to Fire

Note: Dodge when Barbarossa's eyes flash red to avoid its attacks.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Boss Drops.png