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Zero Official Pic 2022-08-10.png
Weapon Negating Cube
Rarity SSR
Role Damage
Element Fire

Gender Male
Height 155cm
Birthday June 6th (Gemini
Birthplace Banges
Relatives Unknown
Voice Actors
English ???
Japanese 村瀬歩 (Ayumu Murase)
Why are you asking me such trivial things? Don't you have a brain of your own?

Computer genius who appears to be 15 in age. He has deliberately destroyed all records of his real name and other pertinent info. Smart, very competitive and prideful, ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him.

Awakening Points[edit source]

Points Reward
200 Avatar: Zero
600 Log: A Baffling Conversation
1200 Trait (Zero: Accurate Calculation — When Zero uses a weapon skill, reduce cooldown time for Relics in cooldown by 1.5 seconds. Can only activate for the same weapon 1 time every 5 seconds.)
2000 Log: Rules
3000 Log: "Zero"
4000 Trait (Zero: Overall Planning — When Zero uses a weapon skill, reduce cooldown time for Relics in cooldown by 3 seconds. Can only activate for the same weapon 1 time every 5 seconds.)

Gifts[edit source]

Favorites: Limited Store Items Games
Gift New game console.png Gift Crown token.png Gift Aida comic.png Gift Music box.png Gift Limited Peanut figurine.png Gift 3d Hykros puzzle.png Gift Limited Tata figurine.png
80 60 60 60 60 60 60

Logs[edit source]

Log: A Baffling Conversation


Log: Rules


Log: "Zero"


Archive[edit source]

Info: Obtain Simulacra

A geeky, computer genius who looks around 15 years old, born in Banges and nicknamed "Zero." However, his real name and personal details have been lost, and deliberately destroyed by himself.

Highly adept at intelligence processing, electronic communications, and data management, Zero can find and extract huge amounts of information through computer and network analysis. He once shocked Hykros by penetrating their security system in an audacious cyberattack, which led to him being designated a "person of interest."

At present, Zero is under Hykros' strict control and oversight in an undisclosed location, where he engages in intelligence-related operations.

File 1: Obtain Simulacra

Emergency overtime, canceled vacations, being chided... These are the things that the Hykros security team thinks of when they talk about Zero. It always takes them back to that incident, where Zero wandered freely in Hykros' network. Encrypted files with permissions only given to a select few were being accessed by Zero like books in a public library. Many files were modified as he left his unique mark behind, letting everyone know that he was here.

The backdoors have since been fixed, but the trauma remains. It doesn't help that Zero looks like an ordinary teen to many people, his identity as a genius hacker has branded itself on the minds of the Hykros security team.

File 2: 200 Awakening Points

The Executors that participated in the capture of Zero remember the operation like it only happened yesterday.

After Zero hacked into their system again, the director managed to decode a coordinate from a message that Zero left behind. There was no doubt that the coordinate was a challenge, even a taunt. After careful analysis, the security department decided to send a team of Executors to the address.

The Executors treated the situation as if it was a booby trap, even evacuating nearby residents. When they knocked down the door and rushed into the unit, they were surprised to find a young man enjoying an ice cream cone. The only thing Zero said to them was, "what took you so long?"

Before revealing his true identity, his intentions were unknown, and he was considered extremely dangerous. Once they found out that he was just a teenager, however, they has no idea what to do about him. After a lengthy negotiation, it was agreed that Hykros will put Zero in an undisclosed location, where he would do intelligence-related work under the supervision of someone.

File 3: 600 Awakening Points

"You want to know about Zero? Hold on, now's not a good time. His ice cream is melting!"


When Hykros wanted to compile a dossier on Zero and came to ask the person responsible for watching over Zero, they found the observer busy trying to meet all of Zero's strange demands, which was how Zero expressed discontent at being watched. Having an observer for Zero was evidently not very effective.

The person working on the file originally wanted to write things down, so that Zero wouldn't change anything. The observer opposed the idea, "Zero had the right to see those things, and if he wanted to change the information, we should give him that option."

After an update, everything about Zero in the dossier mysteriously disappeared, with only a single line of code that decrypts to, "none of your business!"

Voice Lines[edit source]


Additional Info[edit | edit source]